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Meet Tiff!

Tiffany Mika is author of FOCUS - How To Reach Your Potential In Sport, Business & Life and Founder of Reach Your Potential With Tiff.

Tiff pursued a professional sports career and understands what athletes face when going after their sports dreams. It's a challenging road!

Tiff's helps athletes build confidence and belief in themselves by teaching them how to focus and bring out their best performances in competitions and tournaments.

Why am I giving the book away for FREE?

Because I have a message I want to share with you about reaching your potential. I wish that I had someone who showed me when I was younger how to utilise my potential. And this is my mission now to show you the path and what is required through all the lessons I have learned along the way.

Esme Jones

Tiffany worked with me to mould,
adapt my thinking and thought patterns
in order to unlock an ability I never realised
I had until I started believing.
I now know that any goal is possible with
the right attitude and that you mind can
always be conditioned and improved.

Anne McKeown
"Womens Empowerment Coach"

If you are looking for someone who knows how to get stuff done and achieve top results, then look no further than Tiffany Mika.  
She is passionate about sharing her  expertise and knowledge with those who want to 
achieve big.  And you will love her energy, passion and commitment – I do!"

Fief Macrander

"A practical, easy to read personal book. Written in a down to earth way. I would recommend this book to anyone wants to start working on their focus right away."

Susie Davison
"Business Entrepreneur"

"Focus is an inspirational and motivating book which navigates you through the importance of setting life goals and never giving up"

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 Free means you are not paying for the actual book. FOCUS retails for $30, but we actually bought it for you. We just ask that you pay your shipping/handling to receive it so we can give away as many as possible all around the world.

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